19 Februari 2016

Laos Interested in Yak-130 AIrcraft

19 Februari 2016

Yak-130 aircraft (photo : engineeringrussia)

Laos Air Force interested in acquiring Yak-130 Russian-made aircraft. Double function jet training and combat vehicles will be used for pilot training and combat missions. The correspondent "Lenta" at the Singapore Airshow 2016 Airshow said a source in the defense industry.

"Laos interested in this machine, it makes it relatively inexpensive to close a failure, formed after the failure of their MiG-21 aircraft, derived from the Soviet Union in 1970", - said the interlocutor "Lenta".

The source said that Laos could receive 16-20 aircraft, the contract will include supply of additional equipment, weapons and spare parts, as well as the organization of training of pilots and technicians.

Currently, the Air Force of Laos are registered about 25 MiG-21 fighters, but the vast majority of them are airworthy.

Yak-130 - double engine jet combat training a new generation of aircraft developed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau (now the Engineering center named after AS Yakovlev composed of NPK "Irkut"). It is intended for training and combat training of flight personnel, as well as to combat air and ground targets in simple and adverse weather conditions. Its flight characteristics and advanced management capabilities make it easy to adapt the system Yak-130 flight training on various types of modern aircraft, including the 5th generation fighter.


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