05 Juli 2023

Australian Army Tests AS9 Huntsman SPH in South korea

05 Juli 2023

The South Korean K9 Thunder conducting test firing at a testing facility in South Korea (photo : Aus DoD)

Self-propelled howitzer a game-changer

Tests of Army’s incoming AS9 Huntsman self-propelled howitzer, with its three-round burst and automated loading capabilities, are nearing completion in South Korea.

Army will first receive two AS9s, modelled off the South Korean K9 Thunder, and an AS10 armoured ammunition resupply vehicle imported from South Korea.

Construction of a new Hanwha Defense Australia factory is underway near Avalon, Victoria, where the remaining 42 vehicles will begin production in Australia late next year.

Hanwha has been working with the ADF to integrate Australian 155mm shells, including the new Rheinmetall Assegai munitions.

Major Brendan Kelleher, of the project team under Land 8116, said the tests ensured the combination of Australian ammunition and a Korean cannon were safe for service.

“While we know in isolation the K9’s cannon is safe, and in isolation the ammunition is safe, this testing makes sure they are compatible,” Major Kelleher said.

Once that is established, subsequent tests will collect ballistics data required to use the AS9 with the Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems, used to calculate and coordinate firing.

Further testing will be conducted in Australia focused on protection of the vehicle from small arms fire and shrapnel.

“A coupon [metal sample] from the steel, of which the vehicle is built, is placed in a vice and a slug is shot into it,” Major Kelleher said.

“This is repeated against coupons of different thickness to understand the levels of protection.”

Blast testing was also recently conducted in Israel involving a full size AS9 hull fitted with crash test dummies, cameras and sensors inside.

An explosive charge was detonated at the base of the vehicle to imitate the effects of a land mine.

The results will inform design changes to ensure the vehicles provide the required protection and survivability for soldiers.

“The feedback we’re getting from other users is they are impressed by the maturity and ease of use of the platform,” Major Kelleher said.

“It is a big increase in range and lethality from the in-service towed howitzer, made possible by the longer cannon and higher rates of fire.

“For junior gunners and non-commissioned officers, it’s going to be a challenging but exciting step up to manage both a cannon and an armoured vehicle, likely with greater autonomy than they might have on a normal gun line.”

Elphinstone, a company on the north coast of Tasmania, will manufacture the hulls and turrets.

The first AS9 to be completed in Australia is expected to roll out the door by the end of 2025.

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  1. Si beruk MALON tak punya SPH... HAHAHAHAHA

    tank saja sudah banyak yang ROSAK.. tank RONGSOKAN belum perang sudah ROSAK... HAHAHAHAHA


  2. Meriam Tatik Lembu Malon lagi hebat, anti Mogok

  3. Tank Pendekar Mogok
    Meriam Tarik Lembu anti Mogok

  4. https://news.okezone.com/read/2022/08/29/18/2656945/tank-militer-malaysia-mogok-di-jalanan-selama-2-hari-tuai-cemoohan-warganet

    pusat MRO jet fa50 ASEAN Konon. 不不不不不

  5. M-109A4 milik negara beruk malingCHIA kah itu...?

  6. Gempur kemana ni?
    Pengen tau bualan nya apa lagi?

  7. eh bujeettt nembaknya kedepan....ambyarrrrr si gempi haha!

    bole uga SPH koryo tembus osi haha!
    lama” osi jatuh cinta produk k-pop disikat jugak fa-50 buat ganti hawk trus bikin mro jugak...halah kesian yg sebelah ituw haha!井井井

  8. kesian gaesz dikawasan ada yg gak punyak SPH haha!井不井
    kerjaannya tariiikkk teruusss ntuw sapiiii haha!

  9. sekawasan pake tank/truk SPH
    masa cuman KL yg pake SPH:sapie penarik howitzer haha!






  11. Selama permintaan Indon untuk konversi tunggakan program KFX/IFX menjadi Pinjaman Luar Negeri ujui (PLN) X dikabulkan Korea maka dapat dipastikan Indon X akan membayarnya sama sekali... Hehhehe

    Indonesia misses deadline on new payment timetable for joint fighter project: DAPA

    SEOUL, July 3 (Yonhap) -- Indonesia has missed the deadline to provide South Korea a new payment timetable for the joint KF-21 fighter development project, Seoul's arms procurement agency said Monday, renewing concerns over Jakarta's commitment to the program.

    In May, Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) Minister Eom Dong-hwan said Indonesia had agreed to provide the new payment plan by end-June in an apparent effort to ease worries over its unpaid share of the project's costs.

    As a partner country, Indonesia has agreed to shoulder about 20 percent of the 8.8 trillion-won (US$6.73 billion) project launched in 2015 to develop an advanced supersonic fighter. But it had halted payments from January 2019 until last November and is currently known to be behind on payments by about 800 billion won.

    A DAPA spokesperson told reporters that the country has yet to provide the new plan and that the agency is seeking to hold talks with Indonesia over the matter.

    "We will plan response measures after checking with the Indonesian side, such as pushing for a senior-level meeting," Lt. Col. You Hyoung-keun said in a regular briefing.

    Last November, Indonesia made a payment of 9.4 billion won to South Korea for the project, marking a resumption after nearly four years. It also made a payment of around 41.7 billion won in February.

    DAPA plans to deliver the fighter jet to the South Korean Air Force in the second half of 2026.

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  12. Hehehehe... Kehebatan tentra Indon ternyata hanya ilusi.. jangankan melawan pasukan regular negara lain .. melawan OKB OPM pun terseok-seok, kucar kacir, ketakutan dan lari terbirit-birtit ....

    Puncaknya akhinya bersediamembayar wang yang diminta OKB OPM ... Hehehehe

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    1. Anwar said he had been astonished to see a navy frigate dating from the 1970s on display at the recent LIMA maritime and aerospace expo in Langkawi.
      “I want to salute these ships but I don’t know where to put my face. The last frigate (on display at LIMA) was from 1998,” he said

      Seorang perwira tentara elit Malaysia tewas tertembak dalam sebuah demonstrasi di sebuah kamp militer di Kota Kinabalu, Sabah,...
      Dua prajurit Angkatan Udara Kerajaan Malaysia (TUDM) tewas saat menjalani latihan menembak dan melempar granat di Tempat Latihan Dasar Granat Kem Syed Sirajuddin Target Range, Gemas Negeri Sembilan.....

  13. lha KL malah duluan bayar tebusan pada perompak haha!
    masa lupa sich