11 Juli 2021

RAAF have Completed Training to Operate Space Surveillance Telescope (SST)

11 Juli 2021

Air surveillance operators from No. 1 Remote Sensor Unit at the Air Force’s space surveillance telescope in WA (photo : Aus DoD)

Air surveillance operators at No. 1 Remote Sensor Unit (1RSU) based at RAAF Base Edinburgh have completed training to operate the unit’s newest capability, the Royal Australian Air Force space surveillance telescope (SST). 

The SST will survey the night skies, detecting and cataloguing objects in geosynchronous orbit more than 30,000km above the Earth where many important telecommunications satellites reside. 

Inactive satellites and debris litter this orbital plane and pose a collision risk to active spacecraft. 

As such, the SST’s detections will help identify such risks and preserve the safe use of space.

Located at the Harold E Holt Communication Station in Exmouth, Western Australia, the SST is positioned close to another 1RSU-operated space domain awareness asset, the C-Band radar. 

Both the C-Band and SST are joint initiatives of the United States Space Force (USSF) and Australia.

Both capabilities form part of the space surveillance network, which is a worldwide network of telescopes and radars that detect, track, identify and catalogue man-made objects in space.

Leading Aircraftwoman Amy Clements, an ASOP on the inaugural SST course, said the SST was an electro-optical sensor that would provide coverage of objects within deep space, making an important contribution as part of the space surveillance network.

“Visiting the site of the telescope in May, I had the incredible opportunity to witness first-hand, along with my fellow aviators, what 1RSU and the wider Air Force are looking to achieve within the space domain,” Leading Aircraftwoman Clements said.

“As an operator, I am really excited to have the opportunity to work with this incredible technology and support this enhanced space capability for Air Force.”

With an enormous 3.6m aperture, the SST was initially developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory and is the result of years of construction, testing and development.

The SST is a proven and potent technology, with the United States Air Force previously operating the capability at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, prior to its relocation to Exmouth.

Leading Aircraftman Graham Turner, an ASOP at 1RSU and also a member of the first SST course, said the things the SST could see were amazing.

“Operating an optical sensor is quite different to using a radar like C-Band, which I’ve operated previously, and has a lot of advantages, especially in geostationary orbit,” Leading Aircraftman Turner said.

“It’s a different job to what 1RSU has done before in space domain awareness and the SST is especially suited to it.”

Modern military operations are reliant on space-based assets for communications, weather, navigation, timing, intelligence and missile-warning. 

Detecting potential collision risks to these assets through space domain awareness increases their survivability and ensures the effects they provide the warfighter are not lost. 

Commanding Officer 1RSU Wing Commander Richard Harrison said the SST’s observations would contribute to the ADF’s space domain awareness and that of allies.

“The establishment of the SST capability marks an impressive milestone for our unit and more broadly, Air Force’s collaboration with the US and other agencies within the space sector,” Wing Commander Harrison said.

The first RAAF SST operators completed their training on April 23 and are now developing procedures and trialling techniques towards achieving initial operating capability. 

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    Menteri Pertahanan Ryamizard Ryacudu mengatakan pesawat Super Tucano buatan Brasil milik TNI Angkatan Udara yang jatuh di Malang hari ini masih tergolong baru dan dalam kondisi baik. Kondisi pesawat yang dianggap Ryamizard masih layak itu membuat jajaran Kementerian Pertahanan akan ikut mencari tahu soal penyebab kecelakaan yang menewaskan sedikitnya dua orang tersebut. “Kami lihat dulu, itu kesalahan (teknis) pesawat atau orang (human error),” kata Ryamizard di sela rapat dengan Komisi Pertahanan di Gedung DPR RI, Senayan, Jakarta, Rabu (10/2).

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    Baca juga: IHADSS – Sensasi Teknologi “Blue Thunder” Untuk AH-64E Apache Guardian TNI AD

    Jika FLIR mengambil seluruh jatah sisi kanan TADS (night side), maka DVO, DT dan laser ringefinder menempati sisi kiri (day side). TADS juga dilengkapi fitur auto tracking. Artinya sekali target terkunci, maka target itu tidak akan bisa melepaskan diri sejau TADS dapat berputar. Hebatnya, tabunf TADS dapat dirotasi 120 derajat ke sisi kiri dan kanan, serta 60 derajat ke bawah. Pergerakan ini tentu untuk memberi cakupan pandang yang paling maksimal demi kemudahan pilot dan kopilot/gunner dalam mengakuisisi target.

    Sensor kedua, AN/AAQ-11 PNVS, merupakan FLIR imager yang memampukan pilot melihat dalam gelap, sehingga Apache dapat terbang siang dan malam tanpa halangan. PNVS dapat berotasi 90 derajat ke kiri dan kanan, sehingga praktis tidak ada sisi yang tidak terlihat selama Apache terus melaju ke depan. Semua output dari sensor TADS dan PNVS kemudian diintegrasikan ke dalam IHADSS (Integrated Helmet and Display Sight System), sehingga pergerakan kedua sensor akan mengikuti pergerakan kepala pilot yang menggunakan jeda waktu nol detik, artinya pergerakan bersifat real time. Semua informasi yang diperoleh sensor akan tampil seluruhnya dalam HDU (Helmet Display Unit). Pilot tidak perlu lagi sibuk memperhatikan panel instrumen dan tinggal mengunci sasaran dengan mengandalkan mata, atau istilahnya bekennya see and kill.

    Baca juga: TSH-4M – Helm Awak Tank Marinir TNI AL, Desain Tempur Legendaris Bercita Rasa Uni Soviet

    Kawan akrab dari sensor canggih tersebut adalah kanon M230 kaliber 30 mm yang dikembangkan Hughes dan kini diproduksi oleh Alliant Techsystems. M230 yang berlaras tunggal ini mampu menembakan peluru sebanyak 625 butir per menitnya. Sementara kecepatan luncur proyektil mencapai 805 meter per detik dengan jarak tembak efektif 1.500 meter.

    Gerakan kombinasi antara helm pilot dan M230 itu membuat sasaran yang sedang diincar oleh pilot bisa ditembak secara presisi. Dalam sekali terbang, M230 pada AH-64E Apache dapat membawa 1.200 peluru yang tersimpan pada kotak magasin dengan posisi di bawah kursi pilot dan terhubung lewat sabuk peluru. (Haryo Adjie)

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    Kepala Pusat Penerangan TNI, Mayjen Fuad Basya membenarkan insiden kecelakaan tersebut dan dirinya memastikan semua korban selamat dari kecelakaan yang terjadi pada Minggu (15/3) siang itu.

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